Celia Brown sums up what she experiences when traveling through international airports and -speaking as both a consumer and a marketer- comes up with four huge missed opportunities to engage with their customers and increase sales both inside and outside of the terminal. Promotions, Data Driven Shopping Experiences, Customer Loyalty Programs and Customer Engagement Beyond Transactions. The latter being exactly what Airport Pop Up is about.


Once I’ve put my shoes back on and taken a few deep breaths post-security, I check the time and realize that I have a full hour before I need to board my flight. As a working mother who travels frequently for both business and pleasure, it is rare that I have an hour to dedicate solely to shopping off-line and I am ready to spend.

And I’m not talking about magazines and potato chips. Airport retail is morphing from sundries and souvenirs to luxury goods and brand experiences as retailers take advantage of the captive audiences they have during that ‘golden hour’ between security and boarding.

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