Luxury Society -the world’s leading business resource for the luxury industry- provides an in-depth overview of opinions about the global travel retail market. Referred to as ‘the sixth continent’ by various industry spokespersons this 10 minute read provides useful insights into the shopper dynamics, international highlights and predicted future of this important channel for luxury purchases & -impressions. If you’re looking for a condensed, first-introduction to the world of travel retail you’ll find this article an interesting read.



1.087 billion people travelled internationally in 2013, spending $1159 billion, prompting luxury brand executives to name travel retail as the ‘sixth continent’

1.087 billion people travelled internationally in 2013, equivalent to approximately 15% of the global population (7.71 billion in 2013, according to the United States Census Bureau). These tourists contributed an estimated $1159 billion to various local economies, purchasing accommodation, food and drink, local transport, entertainment and shopping in destination countries (UNWTO).

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