Project Description


Male travellers flying through Schiphol Airport during May 2016 enjoyed a free shave, powered by shave and care brand Tabac Men’s Fragrance and Grooming.

In the specially-designed Tabac mobile Barbershop, qualified barbers give traditional wet shaves, beard and moustache trims, shave and care advice to travellers throughout the month of May under the tagline ‘TABAC WISHES YOU A #SHAVEFLIGHT’.

 All the care products, including pre-shave, shave and aftershave, as well as the Fragrance of Tabac Original and Tabac Gentle Men’s Care are offered for sale at the Barbershop.

The Tabac Barbershop was situated in the lounge after Customs so, after shaving or trimming, the products purchased can be taken directly onto the plane.

Tabac pop up - Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

The mobile Barbershop brings the brand to the attention of the current target group but we also reach new users in a way which suits the brand,” commented Keesjan Risch, Country Manager Benelux, MÄURER & WIRTZ. “The Barbershop is part of the Benelux strategy to communicate the expertise of shaving and also the story behind the brand which dates back to 1959. The barber trend has been visible for years and will only increase – men’s grooming is booming!  For men it’s a must to take good care of themselves while using the right products. The mobile Tabac Barbershop, featuring not only products of Tabac Original but also our new, younger line, Tabac Gentle Men’s Care, follows this trend.”

Jérôme Legger, Key Account Manager Schiphol Media, added, “Before departure male passengers can get a shave by barbers on the Tabac promo stand which makes their stay at the airport more pleasant. This promo fits perfectly into our strategy, given the fact that Schiphol would like to have the image of an attractive airport where the comfort of the passenger is extremely important. We want to continue exceeding the expectations of passengers and give them a unique experience; the Tabac promo does this exactly therefore we are very happy with this cooperation!”

In conclusion, Bastiaan Parson, Kappé Schiphol said, “Kappé is always open for working together with brands who do something new, offer a real experience, provided that everything complies with the extremely demanding requirements of an airport.”

The Tabac Barbershop expected to reach around 1.3 million travellers at Schiphol during the month of May. After leaving Amsterdam Airport Schiphol The Barbershop has toured the Benelux countries stopping at various sales outlets, shopping malls and events.

The Tabac Barbershop pop-up was realized at Schiphol Airport for MÄURER & WIRTZ by, part of the AirCommerce group.



The Tabac brand of MÄURER & WIRTZ was founded in 1959. Tabac Original is an aromatic men’s fragrance with a mixture of bergamot, neroli and lavender with accents of tabac, oakwood and vanilla. Besides shaving soap and aftershave, the collection also contains Eau de Toilette, Eau de Cologne and deodorant. Tabac Gentle Men’s Care was launched in 2015 and is a fragrance and grooming line with pre-shave and aftershave products for today’s gentlemen.


MÄURER & WIRTZ is a family company with a rich tradition dating back more than 170 years. Established in 1845, the company today owns 14 brands, 44 series, 66 fragrances and serves 145 markets worldwide.