Recently The Economist published an insightful article about the Travel Retail market and airport shopping, titled ‘The Sixth Continent’, zooming in on ‘ the battle to catch people in “the golden hour” before they board’.

The one page article provides an overview of the history-, current state- and possible future of Travel Retail at a glance. Including the below two highlighted statements

Once a way for passengers to load up on cheap booze and cigarettes, “travel retail” is now a big part of many brands’ strategies and of airports’ revenues.

Travel retail may matter even more to what brands do outside the quirky confines of terminals and cruise ships. It is a chance to show off to people who may become their best customers when they return home.



The battle to catch people in “the golden hour” before they board is getting ever more sophisticated.

QATAR’S new airport, which opened on April 30th, offers travellers a “stunning” terminal with 25,000 square metres for shops and restaurants (plus a “uniquely shaped” mosque). Shops in Abu Dhabi’s Midfield terminal, planned for 2017, will be arrayed around an indoor park, with “Mediterranean plants and features at its centre, and desert landscapes at its edge.”

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